• DAT Solutions | Transplace Greg Sikes | Ben Cubitt Date: October 27, 2016 Procuring Truck Capacity at the Right Price and Latest ELD Survey

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Procuring Truck Capacity at the Right Price and Latest ELD Survey

Date:October 27, 2016
6:30 PM start
7:00 program
8:30 adjourn
Dinner and cash bar

Georgian Club
100 Galleria Parkway SE Ste. 1700
Atlanta, GA 30339


Greg Sikes, Vice President, Products
DAT Solutions

Ben Cubitt
Sr. Vice President, Consulting/Engineering

Shippers may be tempted to reduce transportation costs by negotiating across-the-board rate reductions. That could work in the short term, due to today's loose capacity environment. The market is changing rapidly, however, and within 18 months, those aggressive cost cutters may wish they had invested more in preserving relationships with their best for-hire carriers. You can have both. By bench marking your company's rate history against prevailing market rates on a lane-by-lane basis, you can reduce transportation spending in a way that supports strategic relationships and ensures access to capacity when transportation again becomes a seller's market. Our speakers are Greg Sikes, VP of Products, DAT Solutions and Ben Cubitt, SVP Consulting/Engineering, Transplace. Ben will present the results of the Transplace survey which identifies that carrier response to the ELD mandate varies by fleet size.
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Georgian Club

100 Galleria Parkway SE Ste. 1700 Atlanta, GA 30339
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Dear all,
As many of us learned in high school science class, one of the single greatest scientific events in the history of the world was the publishing of the periodic table of elements in 1869 by Dmitri Mendeleev. While woefully incomplete at the point of its publishing, it revolutionized the way scientists viewed the very building blocks of our universe. The periodic table organized elements according to similar properties so you can identify the characteristics of an element just by looking at its position on the table. It provided a way to show the similarities between unique elements and how those elements would interact when brought together.  It gave us a way to discover new elements to things around us!
As Supply Chain professionals, can we  take this historical and theoretical fact and apply it to our industry? As your Atlanta CSCMP Roundtable President, I would answer this question with a resounding yes. What are the elements that make up our supply chains ? Can we not learn from the study  of “others” elements to better predict  how our own supply chains should and do behave? What uncovered elements are there to find that drive untapped value back to our businesses? This calendar year join us as well be diving deeper into the elements that make up our local and global supply chains.
I would like to personally invite you to our networking events this calendar year as we learn from industry experts about the elements they have discovered and put into practice within their industry.  
I look forward to seeing you all very soon.
Best Regards,
Clint Pollard, Atlanta CSCMP Roundtable President PeriodicTable PeriodicTable

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