• Dr. Norman L. Firchau Porsche December 9, 2016 Join us to learn about Porsche’s presence in the Atlanta area.

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Porsche Consulting


Date/Times: December 9, 2016, 10:30 AM to 2:00 PM
1 Porsche Dr.
Atlanta, GA 30354

Speaker: Dr. Norman L. Firchau, President and CEO, Porsche Consulting Inc.

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Join us to learn about Porsche’s presence in the Atlanta area. Porsche Consulting is one of Germany's leading management consulting companies with seven offices worldwide. Their experts in Operational Excellence advise companies worldwide in the automotive and aerospace industries, among many others. Dr. Firchau is adamant that lean transformation and operational excellence requires a rigorous adherence to added value as everything else is waste.

Dr. Norman L. Firchau is a graduate of the mechanical engineering program of the Technical University Braunschweig, Germany, where he also earned his doctorate. Dr. Firchau began his professional career as an assistant professor in engineering design in 1998. In 2003, he joined Porsche Consulting where his main focus was optimizing products and processes, mostly in the areas of automotive research & development as well as supplier integration. In 2009, he assumed the position Manager, Business Development at Porsche Cars North America, Inc. where he led all strategy and corporate development projects before taking up his present role in October 2011.
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Porsche Consulting

1 Porsche Dr.
Atlanta, GA 30354 USA

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Dear all,
As many of us learned in high school science class, one of the single greatest scientific events in the history of the world was the publishing of the periodic table of elements in 1869 by Dmitri Mendeleev. While woefully incomplete at the point of its publishing, it revolutionized the way scientists viewed the very building blocks of our universe. The periodic table organized elements according to similar properties so you can identify the characteristics of an element just by looking at its position on the table. It provided a way to show the similarities between unique elements and how those elements would interact when brought together.  It gave us a way to discover new elements to things around us!
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I would like to personally invite you to our networking events this calendar year as we learn from industry experts about the elements they have discovered and put into practice within their industry.  
I look forward to seeing you all very soon.
Best Regards,
Clint Pollard, Atlanta CSCMP Roundtable President PeriodicTable PeriodicTable

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